About Us

Spataro Holdings Ltd, owned and operated by the father and son partnership of Joe and Nick Spataro, have enjoyed over 20 years of growth in property development. Their portfolio includes multi-residential apartment complexes, multi-residential apartment/condo complexes with underground parking, multi-unit retail complexes, commercial warehousing and a commercial wholesale/retail building. Other family run businesses include a commercial/retail flooring installation company and a concrete drilling and sawing contracting company.

Spataro Holdings has recently completed the Bella Casa Hilltop Development located in Riverview, NB, with a total of 80 units (next to the Moncton Golf and Country Club) and are in the process of an addition/renovation to their wholesale/retail complex located at 209 Collishaw St. in Moncton, NB.

Spataro Holdings is proud to have changed the landscape of their hometown community of Riverview and are prepared to do it again in downtown Moncton with their newest project located at 55 Queen St. The new complex will be an eight-story multi-residential/commercial building using a contemporary design very unique to the Moncton downtown. Finally! Urban Living in Downtown Moncton.

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